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Art education of a special kind

Just come to rest, a fixed appointment in a turbulent time, discover your own creativity, let your soul speak.

Art as language, time as attention - listening to each other, being there for each other. That is what art education of a special kind is all about. Since the beginning of march, we have been working in the seminar house of the Bauhaus ensemble to work artistically with the more than 160 refugees from the Ukraine. Above all, children and young people come who want to draw pictures, discover different drawing techniques, and try out materials.

But the adults are also happy about our fixed appointment, once a week to think about something different than filling out forms, looking for a job, looking for an apartment. We meet the creativity of the local people with open arms and get to know them better. Everyone brings their story with them, images in their heads that sometimes break new ground.

The time spent together is important, allowing memories to be shared and discovering new perspectives. We learn the language together, discover each other and create new projects.

We started with simple paintings, using pencils, ink, acrylic. And soon we produced already first etchings. Some of the residents prove their artistic talent and use the art education to prepare portfolios for the admission to an art school in Germany.

Others discover possibilities of expression in a playful way. The art education picks up everyone with their individual needs and slowly project works are formed. A pennant chain is to be designed as a connecting element between the buildings in the Bauhaus ensemble.

We are planning "The City of Dreams". The destroyed buildings in the homeland are to be rebuilt from air-drying clay. The participants can let their memories flow in or even develop completely new things. Finally, the finished structures are exhibited at the Visitor Center Bernau of the Bauhaus ensemble.

And there are drawings, again and again and always new ones. At the end of each workshop, we present the pictures together in the dining room. This ritual creates attention, a being-here, a visualization. All images are collected, provided with names.

The art education of a special kind project is supported by the Bernau Visitor Center, the Galerie Bernau and BeSt-Bernauer Stadtmarketing GmbH. In addition, there are always friends who offer their help and their time, such as Tobias Heim, Nancy Sorge and others. Many thanks to everyone who takes part.

Josie Rücker
May 2022