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ADGB Trade Union School

Far away from the city and hustle and bustle, the Trade Union School of the General Confederation of German Trade Unions (ADGB) was intended to provide its members with education, recreation and a modern way of life. In building the school (1928–30), Bauhaus architects Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer combined their ideal concept of teaching and practice: all Bauhaus workshops were involved in the planning and execution. Since 2017, the Trade Union School has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "The Bauhaus and its Sites in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau."

The buildings of the Trade Union School are also used as a school today. The Michels Educational Forum for Health Professions has been training nursing staff from all over the world here since Oct. 1, 2022. The premises of the former ADGB Trade Union School can therefore only be visited as part of guided tours of the Visitor Center.

Michels Bildungsforum für Gesundheitsberufe

Hannes-Meyer-Campus 1
16321 Bernau bei Berlin


Teachers' and employees' houses

The Teachers' and Employees' Houses in the direct vicinity of the former ADGB Trade Union School were part of the Bauhaus concept and are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The permanent employees were to live within walking distance in spacious, two-story apartments. The houses are staggered against each other in a zigzag pattern – a stylistic element that was also implemented in the dormitory houses of the Trade Union School. The slightly sloping terrain could thus be evened out. The Teacher's Houses open up on the other side towards the natural lake and small woods with spacious gardens and terraces.

The administrator, gardener and helpers were accommodated in the long residential block, which is only a jump away from the kitchen entrance of the Trade Union School. The houses for the two families of teachers were somewhat more spacious. In the middle of all of them was the house of the head of the Trade Union School. Today, this home is the seat of the baudenkmal bundesschule bernau association, which was founded in 1990 to preserve and research the Bauhaus ensemble. Here, the association shows temporary exhibitions, which round off the visit to the Bernau World Heritage Site and invite visitors to come back. The other apartments are privately rented and cannot be visited.


baudenkmal bundesschule bernau e.V.

Hannes-Meyer-Campus 9
16321 Bernau bei Berlin