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Permanent exhibition VISITOR CENTER Bernau

Discover the eventful and moving history of the construction and use of the Trade Union School, the architects and Bauhaus students involved in the construction, and selected pieces of furniture from the original furnishings in our permanent exhibition.



Guided tours on the weekends

We offer regular tours of the former ADGB Trade Union School on the weekends: Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Tours start and end at the Visitor Center. Book your ticket in advance to secure your spot!


10 EUR | 8 EUR* (reduced for pupils, trainees/students/FSJ, persons with severe disabilities, ALG II, social welfare, basic security or benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act) *on presentation of the corresponding certificate


Guided tours for individual groups

On request, you can book a group tour with us. The tour will then take place exclusively for this group. You choose whether you want a guided tour through the buildings of the Bauhaus ensemble or an outdoor tour around the buildings with insight into one of the Teachers' Houses.


Interior tour
Group up to 15 persons 130 EUR
Group up to 20 persons 180 EUR

Outdoor tour
Group up to 10 persons 90 EUR
Group up to 15 persons 130 EUR
Group up to 20 persons 180 EUR

Guided tours for spontaneous visitors

Spontaneous exterior tours, with a tour of a Teacher's House if interested, can be arranged by the Visitor Center team Wednesday through Friday between 11 am and 4 pm upon request and subject to guide availability. Spontaneous interior tours are available on weekends only.


2 persons
50 EUR, each additional person 10 EUR

Spontaneous group (10-15 persons)
130 EUR

Spontaneous group (16-20 persons)
180 EUR