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Discover what's special about the Bauhaus in Bernau!

With our new app you can go and tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site on your own. Slide through the history of Bauhaus construction with the moving time controller, walk through lived history with real memoirs or explore the site with quiz tours – it's no problem with the new Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app!

Download our app and go exploring!

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With the new app Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau, the BeSt Bernauer Stadtmarketing GmbH has created a format for art education that is particularly aimed at young people and smartphone enthusiasts. Designed to complement existing art education formats – such as information boards with tour flyers, exhibitions, guided tours of the Bauhaus World Heritage in Bernau – the app uses preserved historical eyewitness accounts from 1930 and a moving timeline through the history of the Bauhaus building complex to create a tangible image of the former ADGB Trade Union School in Bernau's Waldfrieden.

The app was designed and implemented by the Leipzig software developers DroidSolutions. Concept and content for the Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app were created in close cooperation with BeSt Bernauer Stadtmarketing GmbH.

The app is now available free of charge for iPhone and Android devices in the corresponding app stores. Once loaded, it is also ready for use offline on the grounds of the Bauhaus World Heritage in Bernau. Let's go exploring with your smartphone!


A special and extraordinary feature of the Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app are two quiz tours that students of the Oberstufenzentrum I Barnim (secondary school) conceived, designed and implemented for the BeSt. With the founding of the student startup Young Professionals, the Oberstufenzentrum has laid the foundation for preparing their students in professional projects for life after school and in working life.

They landed their first contract for BeSt Bernauer Stadtmarketing GmbH. The start-up is made up of three different seminar courses, one of which was tasked with designing and developing prototypes of the Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app. Based on empirical studies and a close connection to practice, the students identified different target groups. Finally, they created one quiz tour for each target group. Three of these quiz tours have now been completed and will be successively implemented in the Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app: the scavenger tour (for children between the ages of 6 and 12), the Stroll Route (for visitors aged 30 and older), and the Historical Route, which uses augmented reality to resurrect buildings that have already been demolished.

While the children are accompanied by the cats Hans and Hannes on their exploration tour, the users of the Strolling Route can be guided around the building by their smartphone with a vibration alarm. At each new node, there is information about the location and a quiz question that tests the newly acquired knowledge. This is a fun way to explore the grounds and Bauhaus buildings with the Bauhaus Welterbe Bernau app.