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Workshops for groups of 5 or more

Join us at the Bernau Visitor Center and explore the Bauhaus UNESCO World Heritage Site with your colleagues or friends!

We offer a wide range of workshops that can be freely combined with each other as needed. We provide material and professional guidance. The workshops are designed for a maximum group size of 8 to 10 people. If you are a larger group, please select several workshop offerings, which can then run in parallel.

Group workshops can start with a minimum of 5 participants. We charge 10 EUR per participant.



With our Escape Room boxes, which are spread across the Bauhaus campus, you can work out facts about the Bauhaus and the history of the former federal school for yourself. Each box contains a riddle that must be solved. The solution is the code to the next lock. This workshop offer is only available during the warm season (April to October) and can only be used by a maximum of 8 people at a time.

Duration: approx.1 hr.

Bauhaus jewelry after Anni Albers

In her diploma thesis at the Bauhaus, Anni Albers developed a wall hanging fabric for the auditorium of the Bundesschule in Bernau. A masterpiece in its own right! Sound-absorbing from one side, light-reflecting from the other. It was to become her ticket to the U.S. to escape imminent danger from the Nazis as a Jew. Inspired by indigenous jewelry from Peru and Mexico, she designed a collection there using the simplest of household items such as washers and ribbon. In this workshop we will design our own jewelry based on Anni Albers' creations.

Duration: approx. 1 hr.

The Trade Union School made of Lego

In the Lego workshop, we work according to the "Coop principle" in the spirit of the architect of the Trade Union School, the Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer. "Coop" comes from "cooperation" and means "working together". In the visitor center, we look at the architectural model of the Trade Union School and the Teachers' Houses. What has changed since they were built in 1930? And then we build!

Duration: 1.5-2 hrs.